C. & H. Visit: Adirondack Animal Land

Our friends C. & H. are visiting from NH this week.  This is their 4th almost annual summer visit (it just didn't work out last year).  MiniM.E. has been looking forward to it for a while, and we tried to plan a week full of exciting Saratoga adventures.  Since C. & H. have done all the tourist-y things we added in some new activities to the agenda this year, like Adirondack Animal Land and the Great Escape.

The ride from NH can be long with a mini-backseat-driver and C. & H. got a late start so they arrived Monday just before dinner.  There was just enough time for a backyard swim before a late dinner.  The kids were bit wound up with the excitement of the visit but we finally wrangled them to bed.

Today we planned for Adirondack Animal Land.  It was a steep learning curve this morning getting all three kids fed and dressed and ready to go.  Plus, everyone wanted to take a bike ride to stretch their legs before we left.

Poor LittleL.G. was so exhausted from the excitement she fell asleep in the car on the way before 10am!

As always, Animal Land was a blast.  

After a little rest in the afternoon we headed over to the new spray park.  MiniM.E. and H. splashed and played while LittleL.G. had some mommy time on the swing at the playground.

More fun tomorrow!

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