Happy Fourth of July Weekend!

Last year we were in NYC for the 4th of July, which felt a little crazy and a little extravagant, but was fun and exciting for sure.  MiniM.E. remembered just how much fun she had (she must have forgotten the fireworks) and repeatedly asked if we could go back again this year.  Sadly for her, the answer was no.  We decided to lay low and have a relaxing long weekend with (almost) no plans since our weekends have been so busy lately.

And it was a nice, low-key, productive weekend.

Friday afternoon we started our long weekend downtown for a carousel ride and some ice cream.

Then we did a lot of house and yardwork Saturday and Sunday so we could guiltlessly enjoy an evening at Brown's Beach.  The fireworks over Saratoga Lake were Sunday (as MiniM.E. would say, 4th of July Eve), which worked well for us because I knew the girls would be a wreck after staying up late and Tuesday we have swimming so we needed a recovery day.

Brown's Beach was the PERFECT fireworks watching location. The girls waded and played in the sand while we waited for it to get dark.

We had a beautiful view while the sun set over the lake.

And then it was almost time for the fireworks!

4th of July Eve fireworks will definitely be a new tradition for us!

As expected, today was a much needed recovery day as both girls were exhausted! We just laid low at home, did some swimming and took a nice walk. MiniM.E. stayed up til dusk so we could light off some little fireworks in the backyard.

Happy Fourth of July!

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