Puddle Jumping and Playgrounds

This weekend felt odd because I was away from the girls most of the day Saturday. I am rarely away from the girls for more than a couple hours.

Both of them were so excited for "Daddy-Daughter Day" and had a great time with Daddy while I was gone.  Maybe we'll make it a monthly thing!

Sunday was miserably rainy.  It was raining when we woke up, it poured all day, and it didn't let up until after the kids were in bed.

We ventured out for a few minutes for a walk and some puddle jumping, but LittleL.G. fell and got wet, so it didn't last long.

It was nice to see the sun this morning! We are preparing for a trip to Sesame Place tomorrow and we had planned to stay in this morning and get ready, but it was too nice to be inside after staying in all day yesterday so we took a packing break to go to the playground.

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