End of the Year Picnic

In some ways it feels like school just started yesterday.  And some days as I'm dragging the girls kicking and screaming out the door at five of nine for 9:00 school and MiniM.E. is begging me not to make her go it feels like an eternity.  But let's not focus on that.  Looking back the school year has flown by.

Last night was MiniM.E.'s "End of the Year Picnic," which was her most favorite event of her previous school year.  So we were definitely looking forward to it. 

We arrived with pot luck dish in hand (homemade bread), said hi to teachers and friends and ate some pizza and snacks.  LittleL.G. saw the cake pops and that was it.  She ate dessert for dinner.

She also caught a glimpse of the door OUT.  It being a beautiful evening and us being in a gymnasium must not have seemed fair to her, especially when there were puppies and slides out there.

Foolishly, I didn't realize that she had decided on an exit strategy and let MiniM.E. take her for a walk.  Before I knew it they were out the door.

It was a beautiful evening to be outside...

I had to coral them back in because I knew MiniM.E. would be sad to miss the music portion of the evening.  I'm sure LittleL.G. would have rather stayed outside picking flowers but MiniM.E. had a great time dancing a "square dance" with Daddy.

After the music we stayed and played and helped baby sisters to walk.  It was a really enjoyable evening.

Looking forward to another End of the Year picnic when it's LittleL.G.'s turn for school in a couple years.

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