A Lot Of Rain and Llamas

There were many cool and rainy days this week.  We spent a lot of time inside or running back and forth to school and activities under an umbrella.

We visited a friend's Granny's house and played with her moms toys from when she was a kid and LittleL.G. played in the tub.

The girls and I went out on the rainiest afternoon to run some errands and stopped in at Starbucks for a rainy afternoon coffee and cake break.

And we played a lot inside.  The girls spend the majority of our inside time playing "baby" with our multitude of identical Target dolls.  Adorably they both really like to wear their babies.

The excitement of our week was yesterday's school field trip to Dakota Ridge Llama Farm.  We have seen llamas before, but never this many and never this up close and personal.  Each student brushed, fed and walked a llama.  Even LittleL.G. got to feed a llama!

We had a great time- definitely a fun place to visit.

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