Field Trip to the Fire House

Today was MiniM.E.'s school trip to the firehouse.  If you remember last year, it didn't go so well. Funny that she was so miserable last year because for months after our trip she played fireman by putting on her snowsuit and a backpack.  It lasted well into the summer, which seemed ridiculous, because who wears a snowsuit in the summer and Gram and Grumpy finally bought her a REAL fireman outfit, which was much more appropriate for the weather.  She was still into firemen at Halloween when she dressed as one with LittleL.G. as her sidekick dalmatian.

Leading up to this trip, with all her fireman practicing, I didn't expect any balking, but sure enough, a few days before the scheduled trip, she was determined not to go. I was a bit worried since a crying four year old feels a lot different than a crying three year old.  But she was great!  Zero tears and lots of fun.  She even went into a fire truck and let a fireman help her down!

Successful trip to the firehouse!

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