We made it outside yesterday to play on the driveway because it was so warm (47!!).  Unfortunately, even though it was warm, it was also windy and the chilly wind really bit through our light jackets and no one wanted to put on snow clothes... well, MiniM.E. wanted a neck warmer... But we were out long enough for me to practice some outside shots with my new camera lens.

I love the photo quality, even though I feel like I have so much to learn before I can get the photos I see in my head to happen in the camera.  Frustratingly, I took a photography course years ago, and it's all filed away somewhere in my head I can't seem to access.

I have mostly been relying on my iPhone for photos and the point and shoot and (usually) get a good shot is easy and convenient, but when I see photos like this that are so adorable that I want to hang them on my wall but the quality is so poor that I'm not sure it will even print well 4x6 I am so angry that I didn't rush to grab the "real" camera.

It is easy to remember to bring the camera upstairs for a bath though, so more bath photos:

I just want a cute photo of both of them in the tub for their bathroom wall... and it is proving to be a more difficult task than I'd imagined! 

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