Lake Placid

Last year we went to Lake Placid for the first time and loved it.  We couldn't wait to go back and were excited to visit in the summer but almost a year later we still hadn't been back. 

Daddy came home Friday and we wanted to do something fun as a family so we decided since we had such a great time last year, Lake Placid was the place to go.  In typical "MiniM.E. fashion" we did our best to recreate last year's visit; half for MiniM.E. because she is a creature of habit and repetition and would have been disappointed otherwise, and half for us because we had a great time and wouldn't have changed it at all!

We invited the same family to go with us and met at the same restaurant for brunch.  The wait was long so all the girls took a walk while the guys waited on the table.

MiniM.E. slept on the ride there and was ready to enjoy the day as soon as we got there, but despite being up for three hours in the night, LittleL.G. fought sleep the whole trip and conked out right as we sat down to eat.  

Breakfast was delicious and after our bellies were full we were ready to find the dogsled rides.  The weather wasn't quite as pleasant this time- cooler and SO WET from rain and warm temperatures Saturday.  We weren't expecting all the puddles and inches of water on the frozen lake and unfortunately MiniM.E.'s attraction to puddle jumping had her feet wet and soggy before we even got to the sled rides.  Usually it would have meant a tantrum of epic proportions but the car nap had her in good spirits and she was so excited about the dogsled she hardly noticed. 

The older girls were giddy with excitement but LittleL.G. wasn't so sure.

The ride was fun, though a little "stinky" (because of the wet dogs) according to the girls. LittleL.G. seemed to have fun while we were riding but definitely did not want to take a second ride.  

The girls got to go twice (lucky!), once with each mom.

Next it was time to skate.  MiniM.E. was glad to be in ice skates and out of wet boots and was even more excited to actually be skating.  All the skating lessons have paid off and she's really great on the ice.  There was a lot of falling, but judging by the way she was rolling around that was half the fun! LittleL.G. just wanted to walk around and slip and slide on the ice... and eat the snow.

For the first time in a while I felt extremely unprepared even though it felt like we packed our whole house for the day trip.  The one thing I forgot was a change of clothes for MiniM.E.  And the poor kid was SOAKED from rolling in the puddles.  The good news is that there is plenty of shopping in Lake Placid.  MiniM.E. was a good sport about walking all the way back to the main street in her soggy clothes and we bought a new outfit and changed before walking back to the Lake Placid Brewery, the same restaurant we ended our trip with last year because it has delicious food and beer AND a playroom.  Even better than last year, the girls went into the playroom and played together by themselves!

Another great trip to Lake Placid!

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