A Work Weekend

Over the weekend Gram and Grumpy came to help us put new flooring in our rental property after damage from a pipe burst.  We are so grateful they offered their assistance because it was impossible to find someone to do the work for us.

Much bigger project than we anticipated and we ended up working into the night Friday and Saturday and finished late last night.  We worked in teams of three while one of us watched the girls.  It was tiring but we are so glad to have it done!  And even though it was busy I think the girls had a good time too.

Even though we were busy, it was MiniM.E.'s last skating class so we all took a break to go watch.

Sunday I took the girls to church.  It was so nice out we got to play on the playground afterward.

Gram had the bulk of the kid watching duty and sent some pretty adorable photos to update me while I was working.

 Thanks again Gram and Grumpy!  Now to get some sleep!

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