A Chilly Afternoon

It is definitely turning colder and after being spoiled with the warm weather lately, the colder air definitely feels like a shock. Yesterday we went downtown in the late afternoon and because it gets dark so early, the shadows were already long and it was chilly in the shade!  But that didn't keep these girls from having a great time together.  

The moms started with coffee while the girls patiently snacked... 

And then the fun began.  First with insisting that everyone ride the horse outside Starbucks:

The best part of the afternoon were the unexpected blankets of leaves all over Congress Park.  MiniM.E. was thrilled to play in the leaves since our yard is (almost) treeless.

It was so cute, we had to stage an impromptu photo shoot:

If all that jumping and playing wasn't enough, the girls decided a jumping contest was in order:

The fun didn't stop there, after all the jumping, they wanted to climb trees-- the same one, at the same time:

These girls have become such good friends the past four years and it was hard to pull them apart when we all had to go home for dinner.  Great afternoon!!

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