Happy October!

It is Thursday.  It is also the first day of October.  Where did September go??

MiniM.E. was sick since the beginning of the week with strep and a post nasal infection so the days until today are kind of a tired, needy blur.

But she seems much better and we needed to do something fun for MiniM.E. and the fresh air seemed like a good idea, so we headed down to Bowman Orchards for some playtime on their fantastic wooden playground and a picnic lunch.

I remember how much MiniM.E. loved the playground there starting when she was about LittleL.G.'s age (see this post), so I was hoping LittleL.G. would love it too, and MiniM.E. would find enough to keep her entertained.

Maybe because she still wasn't feeling 100% or maybe because playgrounds aren't as fun when you can't walk, or most likely because it was just over 50°, LittleL.G. really wasn't feeling the playground.  She did love the animals and was insistent on getting an alpaca to come over for her to pet.  Fortunately the goats loved her too, but the alpacas were ?growling? at us? so we stayed away.


Even though LittleL.G. wasn't into slides and swings, MiniM.E. had a blast and didn't want to leave:

By the end of our visit, LittleL.G. ventured out and did some climbing and crawling around:

It was nice to get out (in the freezing cold) but it was probably our only Bowman Orchards trip this year.  Maybe next year it will be a favorite destination again.

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