A Busy Halloween Eve

After an exciting pre-Halloween trick-or-treat at Skidmore last weekend, MiniM.E. was super excited to trick-or-treat with school.  Add to the excitement the fact that Daddy was taking the day off from work and she was bouncing off the walls.  Until we got to school... drop off is still hard, even with Daddy.

But we soon returned and she was happy as a clam to be collecting candy as a fireman with Mommy and Daddy in tow.  Unfortunately, the walk was not wagon friendly, so even though LittleL.G. came too, she was just herself.

When we got home, the weather was so nice that we decided to take the mess of pumpkin carving outside.  After we almost forgot to carve pumpkins last year, and made a giant mess in the kitchen the night before Halloween, I'm really glad we were able to use the deck for this mess!

MiniM.E. helped me think of an idea for her pumpkin last year, but after the guts were scooped out, that was the end of her participation, and she went to bed while we carved.

This year was awesome because she saw the two of us drawing our designs on our pumpkin and just started drawing right along with us.  Of course, she couldn't use the knife, but she did all the "popping out" of the pieces.  I am 100% sure I have never seen a more adorable pumpkin than this:

After we did some major clean up and Leah woke up from her nap, we drove some dinners down to our friends who have a new baby.  Since it was a long drive, we made it worth our while by visiting a playground we've never been to, Clifton Commons.  It is an old wooden playground with lots of tunnels and stairs and both girls had a great time exploring.

Until it got cold and we had to go home.

If that wasn't enough excitement for the day, we were invited to a Harvest Party by our neighbors and couldn't pass up one more chance to dress up.
It was a really cute event with lots of games and candy, a bounce house, face painting and snacks. MiniM.E. had a fantastic time for an hour until she was suddenly so tired that she almost fell asleep in my arms, even with all the commotion!
What a day!

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