The Vet, The Sprayground and A Concert in the Park

Wednesday morning we got ready to do one of MiniM.E.'s favorite things ever: take the cats to the vet.  Maybe she will be a veterinarian when she grows up, maybe she just thinks its funny to see the cats so afraid, or maybe she just likes the play area there... but she has been asking when we get to bring the cats back to the vet since we took them last summer.

I thought it was a feat to drag both cats, my toddler and my giant pregnant belly to the vet last year... well, compared to this year, last year was a walk in the park.

We managed to get the cats in the carriers with little trouble.  Good thing I am NOT pregnant this time since I had to get under our bed to get one of them.  We woke up LittleL.G. to get her in the car.  Of course, as we are driving and there is traffic and I am worrying that we will be late, I see a red face in the rear view mirror so as soon as we get there we have an emergency diaper change to do.  But we get that over with and I wrap her up and we walked into the vet at exactly 11am- our appointment time!

Of course, as with any trip to any kind of medical professional, there was a lot of waiting involved... but the kitties and both girls did a really good job of being patient and we did it!

Since our morning wasn't very "fun" I let MiniM.E. choose our activity for the afternoon.  She picked sprayground, which seemed an appropriate choice until it started pouring rain on our way there.  Fortunately, we live far enough from the sprayground that when we got there we found it hadn't even rained and MiniM.E. and LittleL.G. had a blast on the merry go round and the swings.  MiniM.E. tried the fountains and ran through more than I've ever seen but since it wasn't terribly warm and there was a breeze, it was short lived and we went back to playing.

LittleL.G. is such a dare devil and just wants to do whatever MiniM.E. is doing.  She was climbing stairs of playscapes and trying to slide down on her own and LOVED the merry go round so much I had to pry her off of it!

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