Story Land

Daddy drove to NH after work on Thursday to meet us at Gram and Grumpy's.  Yesterday we took off for Story Land in Glen, NH; a long hour and fifteen minute drive away (since LittleL.G. is such a lovely car companion).  We went last year and had a great time with Gram and Auntie Jen doing the "riding" with MiniM.E. since I was so pregnant with LittleL.G.  Daddy was sad he didn't get to go and was excited to take Auntie Jen's spot this year.  Again, he and Gram did most of the "riding" because I was hanging out with LittleL.G. who is going through an intense bout of Mommy-itis.

This year was a huge success, mostly because of the weather.  It started out as a rainy day, but cleared up pretty quickly with only a few passing showers so there were NO LINES for almost everything.  Anything MiniM.E. loved riding on, she could hop off and run around to the queue again, and hop right back on.

Last year we missed my mom's favorite part of Story Land, the Mother Goose Play Area, with little houses and playscapes designed after Mother Goose nursery rhymes.  This past year in school MiniM.E. did a lot with nursery rhymes and knows quite a few now, so she was really excited about seeing the scenes from her favorites.

not having fun yet... still a little rainy...

ringing the bell in Mary Had A Little Lamb's Schoolhouse

timid about Miss Muffett's Spider

cutest Queen of Hearts

let's try it again... 

the tea cup ride

one of the favorites, the Dutch Shoes

riding an elephant

...with LittleL.G.

the turtle twister: the only ride that wasn't a hit

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
Baked in a Pie... 
If you remember this post from last year, we waited for almost an hour with an extremely patient 2 year old to ride the swan boats.  This year we hopped right on.  MiniM.E. loved it just as much, though I can't say the same for LittleL.G.  Might have been the life jacket that was almost as big as she was...

at Cinderella's Castle (but she was at lunch)

so Daddy filled in

family "hot air balloon" ride

LittleL.G. trying to escape

finally meeting Cinderella
It was a fantastically successful trip.  It was the first time we took MiniM.E. someplace and she actually seemed to be enjoying herself while we were there.  Usually she is "contemplative" when we are in the midst of an activity but gets really excited about it long after we've gone home.  It was nice to really see her enjoying something.  See you next year, Story Land.

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