Welcome June!

Monday, the first day of "summer vacation" the weather really wasn't that nice at all. Certainly didn't feel like summer- cold and rainy.  We took a trip down to Colonie to go to Trader Joe's. 

Yesterday we went downtown with friends to see the baby ducks.  Since it wasn't nice in the morning, Congress Park was almost empty.  It was a fantastic day for seeing the ducks because we were the only ones there to feed them.

lots of babies
MiniM.E. was so excited for me to pick up a baby duck for her.  To both of our surprise, the babies weren't scared of us at all and MiniM.E. just reached down to pick one up.

so excited

"It's ok, A.- they aren't scary!"

LittleL.G. was VERY interested.
Yesterday we brought out some shaving cream for some messy play time.  MiniM.E. thought it was a good time.  LittleL.G. wasn't too sure and kept trying to eat it...

Today we went for a bike ride, went to the playground and had a bathtub washcloth tug of war.

Great start to our summer.  Looking forward to lots more summer fun!

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