These Kids Are Just Too Cute

Saturday we just hung around at Gram and Grumpy's, swam a bit, played a bit, jumped a bit, and went shopping for food, beach balls, floats for the pool and sparklers to get ready for a BBQ with Auntie Jen, Dan and E.  MiniM.E. was really excited to play with him again.

shopping at SAM'S

By the time E. and his dad and Auntie Jen arrived, Leah was ready for bed.  But MiniM.E. and E. had a great time playing.  It was E.'s first time swimming!!

MiniM.E. got out of the pool first and came back in this outfit with a surprise for E.  We had one for him too!

It got late and everyone went home or to bed.  

Yesterday was a rainy day so lots of inside playing.  

E. had so much fun playing the night before that he came over to play again yesterday afternoon!


York's Wild Kingdom

We drove to NH Wednesday night for a long weekend to see my sister and her boyfriend and his son who are visiting his parents in NH from VA.

It has become a yearly tradition to visit York's Wild Kingdom in York, ME.  This year was our third year visiting, mainly for the purpose (according to MiniM.E.) of riding the camel.

My mom, my sister, her boyfriend, and his son E. came with us.

had to make sure to get in at least one ride right away!

MiniM.E. took to the goats almost as well as the deer from Animal Land

sharing a snack

Ride #2

After we spent some time at the Zoo, we decided to walk through to the other side and visit the ocean at York Beach.  It wasn't a warm day and the water was very chilly so we just admired from afar.

chilly toes!!

It was a great day in Maine.  MiniM.E. loved the zoo and having another preschooler around to enjoy it with and LittleL.G. might not have had quite as much fun, but she didn't complain.  York's Wild Kingdom III: success!


Downtown and the Beach

For father's day there was a lot of Daddy-play-time at home in the morning since the weather wasn't that nice, and then we went downtown in the afternoon.  Carousel for MiniM.E., ducks for LittleL.G. and beer and wings at Druther's for Daddy.

Yesterday we went to the lake in the afternoon and it was great- nice weather, kids loved it, we all got wet.  But with two kids and sand and water and mud and swimming and "Mommy, watch this!" and "Mommy, come too!" I have nothing to show for it.  I'll get better at two kids and the beach and maybe by the end of the summer I'll be able to do it all and take photos!


Happy Father's Day

We have some great dads in our lives. 

Happy Father's Day to Bob:

And to my dad, Grumpy

And to Bob's dad, Grandpa