The First Beach Day of the Summer

Somehow MiniM.E. got it in her little brain that we needed to go to the beach...

And since it was such a gorgeous day today we thought, why not?  We left late morning.  I was expecting to get there, have her play in the sand for an hour, for the water to be freezing and for us to be home in time for lunch.

We arrived and set up our blankets and beach tent (for LittleL.G.).  It was so beautiful out.  Warm, nice breeze and we had the beach almost all to ourselves.  Technically, no swimming or wading yet because the beach was "closed," but they had already mucked it out from the winter and combed the beach so the sand was clean.  The water was actually WARM NOT THAT COLD!  Had we thought to pack a lunch, (and MiniM.E.'s "seal floaty," which she insists she cannot swim without) we could have stayed all day!

First beach day: success.  I was glad Daddy came with us today so I could see how different two kids at the beach was than one.  But I think with a bit of practice we'll be able to spend lots of days at the beach.  Bring on summer!!

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