NH for Easter

Tuesday I had surgery on my leg for my varicose veins which have been a loathsome presence since sometime late college... or maybe right after? They've been on my leg for such a long time I really cannot remember a time after high school where I was like, "yeah, I can totally rock this pair of shorts because I don't have any lumpy blue things on my leg!"

My mom came to watch the girls and I have to say, aside from some nausea from the pain meds, the actual procedure was pretty easy and I got to catch up on some TV watching.  Overall, a nice break.

Fast forward to the middle of the night on Tuesday when I thought someone had surgically implanted flaming tennis balls into my leg.  Extremely sore.  But hopefully will be well worth it.

By Wednesday mid-day I was feeling a lot better and we decided to take off for the Easter weekend right after MiniM.E. got out of school.

And here were are!

we're where??!?

sister play time

"what? there's no more snow?"

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