One Sitter, One Skater!

This weekend LittleL.G. learned to sit up.  MiniM.E. also learned to sit up about this time but it took her a few weeks to look like a sitting baby rather than one that was a little tipsy.  LittleL.G. just decided it was time to sit.  One day of flopping to the side almost every time we propped her up and the next day it was like she'd been sitting for weeks.  I LOVE that she can sit up because it adds another activity to our "rotation".
everything is so much more fun now!

it looks like THIS when I'm not lying on it?!??

not to be outdone... 

now to move on to the next challenge- reading

MiniM.E. also made some huge progress on a gross motor skill.  She is almost a skater.  She can glide with the best of them but hasn't quite figured out the footwork to propel herself forward.  We went to open skate on Sunday and she had a great time!

We celebrated our kids' successes with coffee downtown and a nice walk in the park because another awesome thing to celebrate is that it is actually starting to warm up!!

oops! underestimated how high she was going to go!

yay spring!!

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