Victorian Street Walk

The Thursday after Thanksgiving is Victorian Street Walk in Saratoga Springs.  They close off Broadway, a few people dress in funny outfits and a ton of normal people put on their warm clothes and go out for an evening of tree lighting, carousel rides, hot chocolate and holiday festivities.

watching the tree lighting

winter carousel ride!

all of us on the carousel

MiniM.E. had a blast listening to the carolers (we almost missed them, they were so deep in the crowd waiting to see the tree lighting and that was ALL MiniM.E. cared about- not the tree, not Santa arriving, just the carolers).  Riding the carousel was definitely the best part of the evening, and we got to ride FOUR times because the attendants didn't have enough change for a $20.  We should have stopped there because we tried to go out to dinner and things went downhill, but overall I think MiniM.E. had a good time.

In other news, Baby#2 is smiling!! And it is SO CUTE!

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