Merry Christmas Eve!

Last night we drove to NH.  Bob wasn't feeling well so he decided to meet us in NH Christmas Eve.  The drive was stressful at the start as Baby#2 let us know she didn't want to be in the car by screaming at the top of her lungs for the first half hour.  Which, of course, upset MiniM.E.  Fortunately MiniM.E. didn't do her usual "screaming when the baby is screaming," maybe because our Elf on the Shelf, Toodalah, was riding with us on the rear view mirror.  After we stopped for dinner, things went smoothly and we made it here.

Christmas Eve is always a short day because we go to evening mass at 4pm.  This means that we have to start getting ready to go to church at 2:30 so we can leave at 3:30 before the seats my parents save for us get taken.  Baby#2 just hung around while MiniM.E. played with Gram and Grumpy.

The girls were adorable all dressed up for church:

After church we did our annual "Tree Photo".  MiniM.E. was really cute admiring the tree while we got it set up.

just the girls 
the whole family
just the four of us (this was a tricky one... this IS the best photo)
 After the photo, MiniM.E. and Baby#2 opened the traditional Christmas Eve gifts, pajamas.  Two sets of matching ones this year.

Then MiniM.E. tricked us by saying she was ready for bed... but after lying in bed for five minutes, she was too excited to sleep and ended up staying up until 10 when she finally fell asleep, excited to hear Santa on the roof...

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