Happy 3rd Birthday (Party) MiniM.E.!

I expect that MiniM.E.'s actual birthday on the 15th is going to be overshadowed by the introduction of Baby#2 to our family.  Actually, at this point, it better be, because I'm not sure I can handle being pregnant much longer than that.

Anticipating Baby#2's arrival and the excitement and probable chaos of having a new baby in the house, I planned for MiniM.E. to have a birthday party (what I hoped was) well in advance of the actual day Baby#2 arrived.  I was a bit concerned that I wouldn't make it, but Sunday came and went with no baby appearance and we threw MiniM.E. a small but formidable 3rd birthday party with some close family and friends.

I planned on going super low-key, seeing as how I am less than a week away from my due date, but I ended up going a bit overboard on the cake and decorations.  It wasn't even close to the Jungle Party that was her 1st birthday or the Owl 2nd birthday, but of the three parties, she is definitely at the age where she enjoyed her party most this year.

the cake

putting the candles on

so happy everyone's singing

Yay for presents!
Happy (Early) Birthday MiniM.E.!

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