Back in NY for over a week and no post?  Sorry... Suddenly the third trimester hit and it was like a lightbulb went on : we're having a baby.  Soon.  Like 12 weeks soon.  EEEEK!!!!

Not that I'm not extremely excited about it, but 12 weeks seems suddenly like a very, very short time.  And I have lots and lots of things I want to get done before she arrives.  

This week also starts our two weeks of company, which is fantastic because we love company, but also meant a little more work around the house and last minute things to get done last week.

So here's the past week or so in photos:

sandbox is back!!

the big pool came out!

MiniM.E. slept through half a polo match

woke up in time to stomp the divots, but didn't want to 

and almost got her photo in the paper because of some adorable leopard sunglasses

we baby-sat for a friend 

played in the sandbox (a lot) more

played out in the rain

took Dolly to the playground

had a pool day with friends 

took a nap

went to the beach

met up with Baby O. at the carousel

saw the fireworks in Lake George (complete with ear muffs!)

went back to the beach

went to family day at Bob's work 

played at the playground

and found out we have baby birds that hatched in our bird house
It was a pretty exciting, busy week.  Now onto our weeks of visitors!!

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