The End of June

I can't believe that next week starts July.  June has flown by.  After a looong winter, a stressful spring (especially moving the end of April through the beginning of May) having time to just enjoy as really made the beginning of summer go by quickly.  

We went back to Moreau:

Spent the day at our friends' lake house last weekend:

Went back to the sprayground:

And have been enjoying the weather!

Unfortunately, MiniM.E. came down with some sort of bug at the end of last week, so we had "inside days Thursday and Friday with lots of cuddling (for kitties too!):

Despite being under the weather, after a nap on Friday we had a picnic downtown and rode the carousel:

And went to the opening day of the Peerless Pool yesterday.

MiniM.E. had a blast for about an hour at the pool but it must have really worn her out because after that she was done for the day... hopefully our next Peerless Pool visit will last a bit longer.

We had a relaxing afternoon complete with Dolly riding a cat.

MiniM.E. seems to be on the mend and we're hoping for an exciting week!

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