Back in NY

The weekend and the beginning of the week were a little rough as I came back from NH with a bug of some sort that left me tired, run down and nauseated.

We still managed to get out and enjoy the weather over the weekend.  Saturday there was a flag day parade downtown which entertained MiniM.E. for much longer than expected.  Afterwards we wandered around downtown and ended up at our friends' backyard to visit for a while.

Father's Day we just hung around the house.  Bob played a lot with MiniM.E. while I tried to recover from the mysterious bug.  We managed a trip to the grocery store and a trip to the mall.  Not a very exciting day, but Bob bought a treadmill, so it was a happy Father's Day for him.

Finally on Monday I was starting to feel more like myself so MiniM.E. and I took our first ever solo beach trip.  We met our old neighbors there and MiniM.E. was super and had a great time.  We will be spending lots of days at the beach this summer.

Yesterday we went to the sprayground downtown with some friends.  MiniM.E. wanted the water to be warmer but we had a nice time anyway...

BUT after all the sun and outdoors, she was exhausted today and requested an "inside day" (with the exception of playing on the deck for five minutes) so we've just been hanging around.  Which is a nice break...

Tomorrow- back to the beach!!

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