Happy Birthday Grumpy!

Friday we drove to NH to visit Gram and Grumpy.

When we arrived, MiniM.E. had a surprise waiting for her.  Nothing says fun like a 25 year old bouncy horse- for real. MiniM.E. is thrilled with it!  What fun!

Then MiniM.E. had to show off her solo trike riding skills:

And find the new toy on the swing set.

Saturday was Grumpy's birthday.  We went to Heritage Farm again (we visited last year) and saw the animals and had a great pancake brunch.  The baby cow was older and was caged in and the ground was wet and muddy, which we were a little disappointed about, but to make up for it, we got to go on a wagon ride with a St. Bernard/Sheepdog mix.

ooo, so the baby cow is so soft!

Hi, Fern!

petting the horse was the highlight of the trip

MiniM.E. even helped with the farm work!
Happy Birthday Grumpy!

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