A Pre-Thanksgiving...

filled weekend.

Since we are going to NC for Thanksgiving this year, and since this is a year where the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the shortest, we wanted to be prepared to start the Christmas festivities as soon as we get home from NC.  So we decided to cut our tree this weekend!

The past two years we got our tree from Ellms Family Farm (the same awesome fall-activity-farm), but their trees are expensive, and we knew MiniM.E. would have a fit if she saw the farm and realized all the fun fall things were closed.  Instead, we tried Bob's Trees.  They actually have a much larger selection, and despite the cold, we found our tree and had a good time.  (They even have reindeer!!)

Then today we went to a playgroup family "Early Thanksgiving".


So This Is Having a Two Year Old...

Yes... it happened.  I forgot I had a blog.  I mean, I'm sure in the back of my head I still remembered it was there, but in the past two weeks I really have just been so preoccupied, the thought of "blog" never even came close to crossing my mind.

I didn't know it was possible to feel any more preoccupied and busy as the first weeks of MiniM.E.'s life.  And then as each week went on, I realized it only keeps getting busier and MiniM.E. is so darned adorable and sweet and cute (and sometimes demanding and trying), that I have time for less and less and I even have less time to THINK.  And now, we are on the other side of napping (most days)... which leaves, you guessed it, even less time.

So, my apologies, my few loyal readers, for not posting and for forgetting.  I even forgot to take pictures...

But here's the past few weeks in a few photos:

We went to a bounce house:

the playground:

MiniM.E. painted:

did yoga with a friend:

I made a cake for a friend's little boy's 1st birthday:

MiniM.E. played at the party:

She put on every hair bow we have:

and learned to draw people:

 and tried watercolor for the first time:


Happy Octoberfest?

We spent the first Sunday in NOVEMBER at an OCTOBERfest.  Hmmm... 

When we lived in Germany we always thought it was odd that Octoberfest was in September (though actually, it is always the last Sunday in September through the first Sunday in October.  But our November Octoberfest was unheard of.  Though we had tons of fun, regardless of the month.

It was held at Pat's Peak ski area about half an hour from my parents.  Despite the lovely weather the first half of the weekend, Sunday was extremely chilly.  And we were on a mountain.  So I dare say, it was cold.  But we dressed in layers and made the most of it.

Lots of German music, food and beer.  

dancing to the band

does a giant cookie count as German food?

Daddy in a stein-holding competition

clearly, the best part was this puppy
They also held a ski and skate sale, and despite Daddy desperately wanting MiniM.E. to snowboard, there were no snowboards mini enough.  We did get her these, though.  Bring on the snow!

The rest of our time in NH we just relaxed... 


Happy Birthday Grumpy!

Friday we drove to NH to visit Gram and Grumpy.

When we arrived, MiniM.E. had a surprise waiting for her.  Nothing says fun like a 25 year old bouncy horse- for real. MiniM.E. is thrilled with it!  What fun!

Then MiniM.E. had to show off her solo trike riding skills:

And find the new toy on the swing set.

Saturday was Grumpy's birthday.  We went to Heritage Farm again (we visited last year) and saw the animals and had a great pancake brunch.  The baby cow was older and was caged in and the ground was wet and muddy, which we were a little disappointed about, but to make up for it, we got to go on a wagon ride with a St. Bernard/Sheepdog mix.

ooo, so the baby cow is so soft!

Hi, Fern!

petting the horse was the highlight of the trip

MiniM.E. even helped with the farm work!
Happy Birthday Grumpy!


Happy Halloween!

This is MiniM.E.'s first Halloween where she actually understands what's happening.  In fact, since her birthday she's been getting excited about it.  "...and I will say "trick or treat" and I will get CANDY!!!"

Also, now that we have so many toddler activities and playgroups and live in such a kid-friendly town, Halloween really started for us on Saturday.  Saratoga held its annual Fall Festival and we decked Molly out in her costume face paint to take part in the festivities.

pumpkin rolling was a huge hit!

the pony ride was not :( 
Sunday we took a break from Halloween and made one last trip to Ellm's Farm before they closed for the season.  It was chilly and we only lasted an hour or so before the sleet started and we decided to call it a day.

In the afternoon MiniM.E. dressed up got her face painted for our neighborhood's annual Halloween Parade. The weather stayed cool and despite the rain that fell on us as we ended the parade, it was a success and MiniM.E. had a great time.

Monday we painted MiniM.E.'s face for our library playgroup, but it was such a hectic morning, I didn't get a photo.

The rest of the week we got a Halloween break.  After our new Tiny Tumbler's class on Thursday (which was AMAZING!)...
MiniM.E. in her new gym clothes
 We got ready for the real deal.  Unfortunately, we got rained out of our annual trick-or-treating at the Riggi Mansion.  And even though MiniM.E. was super excited to get out and go trick-or-treating for the first time, we got rained out of that too.  Fortunately, we had a playgroup Halloween Party to go to and MiniM.E. had fun (even though she was so tired because she skipped her nap), so Halloween #3 was a success.

just hanging out
I think next year will be our best Halloween yet!