What A Party!

Since MiniM.E.'s birthday isn't until tomorrow, we threw a party for her yesterday.

It was a lot of preparation (I think I always bite off a bit more than I can chew), but it was a huge success and MiniM.E. LOVED IT.  She'd been talking about it all week: "and there will be lots of people, and friends, and a cake with owls and it will be purple and people will sing Happy Birthday and I will sing Happy Birthday to myself and there will be presents and toys and I can open them..."  I think it lived up to her expectations.

There was, of course, the cake (which is why I have been such a bad blogger lately).

Uncle Billy and Auntie Jen came to visit:

There was a lot to get ready for the party... decorations, games, a corn bin...

MiniM.E. was too cute.  Her favorite part of the party was when everyone sang to her.  She'd been singing "Happy Birthday" for at least a week, so I tried to get her to sing while everyone was there.  Of course, being the smarty pants she is, when I said, "Okay, go ahead and sing," she looked at me and replied, "NO! Everyone ELSE!"

loving the attention
 Eating the cake was a close second...

Possibly tied with opening presents.

It was a lot of work, but I was so happy we threw her a party when she exclaimed this morning, "I want ANOTHER birthday party!"  

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