Too Nice to Be Inside!

It's really hard to sit inside at a computer when the weather is so beautiful.  Must enjoy it before it gets too hot!!  Though I'm pretty sure with MiniM.E.'s love of playgrounds, I'll be getting my fair share of vitamin D this summer!

I'll make my posts short and sweet- lots of photos, little text... and we can all get back outside sooner!

What we've been up to this week:

We went out to dinner with our neighbors and their daughter, Baby E. and had a great time.  Here's MiniM.E. waiting for our table at the bar.

I made a 1st Birthday cake for a friend.  MiniM.E. helped decorate (her own cake).
more went in the mouth than on the cake...

the party cake 
the smash cake
 The playground we walk to finally got a (70-year old, rusty) baby swing!  Yay!

The Horse Show is here this week and next.  We went to check it out.  We even got to pet a horse.
more interested in the tree bark than the horses 
playing in the dirt (instead of watching horses)

sorting grapes (instead of watching horses...)
The Farmer's Market is outside again!  Elmo came too!

We visited MiniM.E.'s favorite playground, the Yellow Triangle one...

love this photo.  must make wood photo transfer...
And we hung out in the grass at the Spa Park (for 15 minutes before MiniM.E. wanted to go home).


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