A Blogging Hiatus

Wow.  Should I even begin to make excuses about why I haven't posted in weeks?  Probably not.

But I will anyway.

First off, we had house guests.  C & H came to visit for a week during C's spring break.  It was awesome to see them, as always.

And... well, we've been busy.  Enjoying being outside in the warm, sunny weather.  That's it.  Who can sit in front of the computer when it's gorgeous out?  I will do my best to post over the summer, but with my outdoors-crazy toddler and short naps, I can't promise anything.

So let's go back a while...

MiniM.E. turned a year-and-a-half last time I posted.

The weekend before our visitors, we spent a lot of time outside.
Sniffing the flowers and searching for acorns

 At Kelley Park with Baby E.:


a contemplative ride on the tire swing
 And at Gavin Park with S.:

And we visited the Saratoga Winery to see Rich Ortiz play.  It was a great place for the grown-ups to sit outside and drink wine, and it was pretty kid-friendly too!  (No playground yet... we should propose one!)
dancing queen!

must have: baby adirondack chair
We will definitely be back to the winery!! 

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