The Start of the New Year

2012 ended on a bit of a stressful note.  We planned a trip to CT to see my extended family the weekend after Christmas.  We woke up Saturday morning, packed and ready to go, only to find that our heat was broken.  After some hemming and hawing, we decided to make the trip anyway, and get the heat fixed when we got back.  (Poor kitties, stayed at home for two days in the cold!)

It was nice to see my family in CT.  MiniM.E. had a great time.  She's not usually a very good eater, but since that was pretty much all we did, she managed to warm up to food and ate played with a lot.
cookies as a between-course snack

"Wait a minute, what's that you have there?"

"Eh, not my thing.  You eat it."

We arrived home to a 46 degree house (brr!!).  We only found one place open on Sunday, but they were charging ridiculous overtime, so we decided to have a "camp out" at home and call it an adventure until someone could show up Monday morning.

We made a fire, put on lots of layers and cuddled together.  Fortunately, unlike in a power outage, we had other warm things like space heaters, ovens, and electric blankets.

All bundled up, reading with a teddy bear, and watching TV.

Napping under the tree with the kitties

Just chilling (literally) on the floor.

Monday morning we couldn't get a hold of the repair man and we had to shiver near the fire until noon before someone finally showed up.  Thankfully the furnace wasn't broken, it just needed a part and by the afternoon the house was toasty warm again.

Just in time for some sledding!

MiniM.E. isn't too crazy about being out in the snow yet.  Probably the snowsuit... or boots... or hat... maybe the cold?  But she seemed to have a good time.

And now it's 2013.  I really can't believe a whole year has gone by.  Best wishes to all for a happy, healthy New Year.

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