Apple Picking

Sunday morning we went to an apple orchard with my parents and C. & H.

Remember H.?

isn't he a cutie? no wonder MiniM.E. has a crush on him

We went to Meadow Ledge Farm, and this time, we actually picked apples.

But first, we picked through some pumpkins

Then we got on the haytractor ride to the orchard

Ate some apples

Picked some apples (or at least looked like we were)

Rode the tractor back (while the babies ate more apples)

And played a while...

Before heading home.

The babies had a blast eating apples, picking flowers and riding the tractors.

And might I add that they have THE BEST apple cider donuts?  Seriously... any cider donut you've ever had can not compare to these ones.  They make them hot right in front of you on one of those old-fashioned donut machines and they're hot and greasy and super tasty.  mmmm... donuts....

Is it sad that the thing I write the most about is donuts??  But really... they are sooo good.

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