A Cold, Rainy Day

I used to like cold, rainy days.  I love to grab a good book, a cup of hot chocolate and some cookies and just curl up on the couch for hours.

I am not so much a fan of rainy days anymore.

MiniM.E. likes to read... but only for a few minutes.  She can't drink hot chocolate... yet, and as much as she likes cookies, I don't think I could bribe her to sit with me on the couch for hours with all the cookies in the world.

So, so much for my hours on the couch for a few many years.

MiniM.E. loves to be outside (as you may have noticed in previous posts).  She now knows that she needs shoes on to go outside so she will sit and try to put on her shoes by the door.  She'll stand up and bang at the door and cry if she gets really frustrated.  I suppose spending time outside is good for both of us, so usually I help her put on her shoes and out we go.

But not in the rain...

A plus to a rainy day is that if it's darker, MiniM.E. takes longer naps.  But once she wakes up and realizes we can't go out,

there's only so much I can do to distract her from walking over to the door and holding out her shoes...

Fortunately, we found the play area at the Wilton Mall.  Rainy day life-saver!

MiniM.E. loves it.  She goes off on her own and I can just sit on their benches.  She even plays with the other kids!

Extra bonus?  There is a teeny tiny carousel that MiniM.E. was so excited about the first time she saw it, she almost jumped right out of the stroller.  For a meer $.75 she can ride for a fun-filled 60 seconds.  (The first time she rode it I was afraid she would let go and fall off so I walked around in circles beside her and held her on.  Note: BAD IDEA.  Nothing like feeling like you've just been on 20 carnival rides when you have to entertain a baby.  Note #2: boy, I'm getting old...)

Did I say $.75? I should have said $3... because that's how much money it took until she finally would let go.

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