Our Second Home

Last week we were in NH again.  Who could pass up an opportunity to have a live-in babysitter (thanks Mom!) free food, laundry and unlimited swimming in an in-ground pool and hot tub?  Certainly not me.

Bob drove with us and stayed for the weekend, and MiniM.E and I stayed until the end of the week.

We didn't do anything particularly exciting, but I think that's part of what made it awesome.  A nice relaxing week...

To keep your reading time to a reasonable 5 or so minutes, I will avoid a photo bomb and instead try to recap some of the cuter highlights from our trip.  Note the word try.
Swimming with Daddy

Toss the baby

We had a toss-off.  Daddy won.

Playing with pool toys

Finding MORE pool toys

In the baby-friendly hot tub

Going for a walk

Playing with a broken pair of glasses.  Looks even more fun than the pool toys.

In the hot tub with Gram

Finger up the nose

Testing a smoothie

 C & H came over for a play date and we broke out the long-lasting bubbles.

Bubbles with H

Come back here!

Love this photo.  Might have to replace the engagement photo from this post.

Walking with Auntie Jen

Standing alone!

Just woke up

and wasn't too happy about all the pictures!

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