A Bike Ride and Polos

Yesterday we had a fantastic day of outdoor activities.

We took MiniM.E. on her first bike ride.  Well, bike trailer ride for her.

A while back some of our friends were trying to convince us to get MiniM.E. a trailer, but we held off since they're expensive and I didn't think she was quite ready.

We were lucky to find a Burley bike trailer on Craigslist in GREAT condition for a reasonable price and decided it was time to test it out.

If you are ever in the market for a bike trailer, dish out the extra dough and get a Burley.  Of all the ones I've seen, it seems to have the nicest kid-cabin and seat (if your child wants, they can sit upright).  Most we looked at seemed kind of cheap and had "hammock-like" seats that forced the child to recline. This one also has space for helmet (which we will be purchasing if we decide to take MiniM.E. on real roads).

Are you SERIOUS?

...I guess this is alright...
At first, MiniM.E. didn't seem so sure about it.  We tested it in the neighborhood to see if she could even make it around the block without throwing a fit.  After 4 loops around, she actually seemed to be enjoying herself, so we packed her, the trailer and our bikes in (and on) the car, along with half our house (food, drinks, toys, extra clothes, sunscreen, bug spray, hats, etc.) and drove to the Zim Trail to check it out.

It was awesome.  MiniM.E. lasted about 20 minutes out.  We turned around, took a lunch break, and headed back to the park where we started.

Walking with Daddy

Swinging at the park

That evening we went to a polo game (match?).  I though MiniM.E. was most appropriately dressed in her polo shirt.  Unfortunately, it was ridiculously hot and we were sitting on the grass with no shade.  At all.  To be honest, the first four Chukkers (seriously, where they come up with these things I can't even imagine) I couldn't see the horses because the sun was in my eyes and I was trying desperately to keep my baby in the shade because she was fussy from being hot but didn't know it.  Fortunately, I brought distractions.
Distraction 1: washcloth.

Distraction 2: chip clip.

After the third Chukker all the spectators were invited to go out on the field and stomp the divots.  MiniM.E. seemed to really enjoy that part.

That's a lot of people stomping!
 AND, we got to pet a horse.  Which was awesome.  Until the horse turned its head and ran right into MiniM.E.  I hope she's not scarred for life...

By the fifth Chukker we could actually watch the play.  Turns out it was pretty cool.  And we didn't even get hit by a ball or trampled by a horse.  I'd call it a success.

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