A NH Getaway: Day 1

Today we woke up early, as always, for MiniM.E.'s 9-month check-up.  Usually early is 6:30, but today I was lucky enough to sleep until 7.  Which would have been amazing had I not planned on being woken up at 6:30... My mom drove in Sunday to collect us and bring us back to NH for the weekend.  To make the trip as smooth as possible, we figured on leaving for MiniM.E.'s first nap.  Which would likely fall right after the doctor's appointment.  Which meant we had to pack the car.  And eat breakfast. And feed the baby. And change the baby. And get the baby in the car.  In one and half hours.  We did it... no time to spare... Fortunately, we had a break from vaccines this time, so I didn't have to prep myself for the inevitable embarrassment of crying in the doctor's office.  We chose an early morning appointment in hope that there would be little time for the appointments ahead of us to back up, resulting in us sitting in the tiny examining room for hours with nothing but tongue depressors to play with.  With the stress of packing everything up in such a short amount of time, I might have chosen the tongue depressors... but everything went smoothly and we were out and on our way to NH.

I was super excited to be home for the week.  Mostly because it's nice to have help during the day and have someone do my laundry and cook for me.  Also, as awesome as our kiddie pool is... on hot days sometimes you just want to go swimming.  In more than 3 inches of water.

As soon as we could we suited up and got in the pool.  MiniM.E. had a blast!

While drying off, we had a flower photo shoot with Aunt Jen.

All the swimming and fresh air tired MiniM.E. out.  Unfortunately, not so much that she slept through the night...

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