This past week I had a very cranky baby on my hands.  BUT, congratulations to my baby- she has her first tooth (with another just waiting to poke through)!!

I've been doing my best to keep her occupied during the day, by dancing, singing and acting absolutely ridiculous, but unfortunately, we've had a few nights of very little sleep:
see, even the baby is tired... and she's NEVER tired...
while we wait for the second tooth to finally push through.  Its RIGHT THERE.  I can SEE it.  But its still under the gums and seems to just be hanging out enjoying torturing Stretchy and me.

Today was gorgeous, so thankfully we were able to keep Stretchy occupied outside while we put up a new fence.  She looked pretty cute today.  Here's evidence:

Being the foreman

Not too happy with our progress

Definitely not happy with the hat...

Stop everything.  Where are the cats?

Really?  You want to put that THERE?

See, I wanted to PLAY with the hat!

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