Mother's Day Weekend... and Other Stuff

After a long day of "fencing" on Saturday, I was excited for an awesomely relaxing Mother's Day.

We had it all planned.  Wake up, hang out with the baby, have lunch at Denny's (I have an ever-present craving for pancakes) and just relax all day...

Well, my day started much too early thanks to one sleepless baby... though who can be sad to wake up to this?

so I was just a bit tired and cranky.  We managed a very nice walk at the Saratoga State Park, but were almost brain-damaged by a couple who was so bad at golf that their balls were raining down on our heads. Then Stretchy, fell asleep ON THE WALK... which always makes me a bit sad because I cherish my nap times... when else would I get anything done?  Around noon we arrived at Denny's (I was so psyched!) only to find a ridiculously long wait... and Stretchy had already cried during the entire 25 minute drive there, so we had to resort to plan B: Friendly's.  Of course, breakfast at Friendly's ended at noon and we ordered at 12:15 so guess what I couldn't eat for Mother's Day Brunch?  Pancakes.  I was pretty upset... it kind of ruined my meal... who wants a sandwich when you could have had pancakes?

BUT, fortunately, we took advantage of the nice weather and headed to a park downtown where Stretchy was excited to play in the grass and we got to feed a duck.  At least that made things a little better.

Stretchy also got to ride the Carousel for the very first time, which was pretty much the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

I was kind of hoping for her to crawl for me as a Mother's Day present... which didn't happen.... BUT
she is babbling now, which is super cute.  AND she can play peek-a-boo by herself.  Also pretty awesome.  So I'll wait on the crawling.

News from Wednesday: TOOTH #2!!

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