Babies and Cats

So I'm pretty sure when we first brought MiniM.E. home from the hospital the cats thought we were bringing home a cat-eating monster (as seen here).

For a while, they made under the bed their temporary anti-baby camp out.

After a few days, they got curious (and hungry), and would venture into the same room as her.  Of course, since they believed her to be a threat, this involved stealthily "hiding" next to the wall and behind any available item of furniture.

About a week in I think they realized that the thing they believed to be a cat-eating monster really wasn't that much of a threat (the fact that she's smaller than both of them might have had something to do with it...).  Curiosity got the best of them and they started slowly coming closer and closer...

By two weeks, we could bring the cat-eating baby into the room where the cats were sleeping and they stayed.

And now, at almost three weeks, they have become so bold as to sit on our laps WITH the baby.  I think they're really going to like her :)

I just like this picture because it makes MiniM.E. look SO small

**I have to add a photo from last night (Nov. 7)**

And as promised, another cute picture:

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