So as it turns out, having a new baby really does take up all your time.  I knew they ate and slept a lot and needed to be changed and held, but somehow in my head, all those things did not add up to 24 hours.

Pretty much our days consist of sleeping as long as possible in the morning since we were up 3-5 times in the middle of the night for feedings that lasted at least 45 minutes because someone is finicky and has a hard time latching sometimes and falls asleep in the middle of eating and makes poopy diapers even though she was just changed.  Not naming names...

Then we get up and eat.  AGAIN.  Then I pawn MiniM.E. off on my mom (who thank God, is still here, because when would I have time to do dishes or laundry or anything else) so I can take a shower and check my e-mail really fast.  Because by the time I've done all that, guess who's hungry?

So she eats.  AGAIN.  Then, if there's anything we have to do, like buy groceries or stop at a store, or go outside for any reason, we have to get ready and do it really fast so we have the maximum time window possible, because chances are, before we are even finished with whatever errand it is, someone will be hungry.  AGAIN.
She does look really cute in the car seat though...
In the afternoon, after such a trying morning, we spend a lot of time doing this:
and this:

Before eating.  AGAIN.

Then Bob gets home and we have to eat ourselves... and Bob has to spend time with MiniM.E.

and I have to sit around and do nothing because the post-partum recovery stuff (I don't need to explain that here, do I?? No one wants to read about that...) hurts and my blood count is still low and did I mention that I was up every two and half hours last night??

And then MiniM.E. gets fussy and everyone tries their hardest to keep her quiet for "just another half hour" because I totally can't feed her again yet (why didn't anyone tell me breastfeeding HURTS!?!?).  And then finally I give in and feed her AGAIN.  And then I go to bed.

Which is why I have not posted in such a long time.  But, according to my doctor (and other women who've offered their advice and opinions- some helpful, some not) it will get better soon.  And by soon, they mean "three to four weeks".  WHAT?!?!

So until then... I will try, on occasion, to post cute pictures like this one.  Maybe.  Or I might just lie on the couch...

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